The solution for permanent capture, utilization and storage of CO2 


The need for CO2 reduction

It is without question that reducing carbon dioxide emissions has to be done - as fast as possible - in order to reach the internationally set climate targets. Commitment, innovation and groundbreaking technology are needed.

At Ikkaton, we offer cutting-edge carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) services tailored for industries and businesses looking to offset their CO2 emissions. Our novel CCUS energy-efficient method sets us apart, ensuring effective reduction of greenhouse gases while promoting sustainable practices. 

A sustainable future

We tranform carbon dioxide from a flue gas, a concentrated source, and the atmosphere, into a stable solid mineral through our novel patented technology, thereby ensuring the permanent sequestration of carbon dioxide in a valuable, and in-demand asset.

We deliver an accurate and directly quantifiable way to offset both past, present and future emissions, supporting the transition to a low-carbon sustainable future. 


Innovative solution, technologies and people 

Empower your sustainability journey with us and show commitment to innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology. Together we lead the way towards a new sustainable future, setting new benchmarks, showing real responsibility and forefront excellent leadership.


Partner with Ikkaton to achieve your environmental goals and contribute to a cleaner, greener future.



Meet our experts

Ikkaton has assembled a team of scientists, business developers, advisors and investors to develop and implement its solution in Denmark and at a global scale. Please contact us for more information. 

Dr. Erik Trampe

Founder, CEO & Chief Scientist

Dr. Gabrielle Stockmann

Co-founder & CCUS Specialist

Rikke Dræbye Gantzhorn

Chief Operating Officer

The science team at Ikkaton, comprising distinguished researchers, specializes in the forefront of carbon capture, storage, and utilization technologies. With their profound expertise and pioneering research, they have succeeded in developing a sustainable solution capable of effectively combating climate change and contributing to a more environmentally sustainable future. 

Let's hear from you, if you are also an expert, or need to be part of the permanent solution

to capture, utilize and store CO2


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